Jagger & Lewis

Who are we ?

Welcome to Jagger & Lewis, your ally for the well-being, fitness and safety of your dog! We are a team of animal, outdoor activity and innovation enthusiasts, determined to offer the best solutions to improve the quality of life of your companion.

Our history

Our story began in 2015, when Alexandre Delille, concerned about the good health of his German Shorthaired Pointer, imagined a box to analyze his behavior and warn of any anomaly. 

This is how the first smart collar from the startup Jagger & Lewis was born. With this technology, you can track your dog's movements and habits to ensure their well-being.

Successive confinements have subsequently shaken up our habits: return to nature, enthusiasm for outdoor sports, increased time spent with our animals... We have therefore decided to develop our product to best meet the needs of dog owners. .

Always dedicated to animal well-being, our new collar now fully integrates the dog's fitness indicators, the monitoring of outdoor activities as well as a GPS tracker.

Our product

When we looked for ways to improve the relationship between humans and their dogs, we realized that in order to achieve this, it was essential to understand and meet the needs of our 4-legged friends while providing a hands-on experience and effective for owners.

Designed with the support of a scientific committee made up of veterinarians, and resulting from 4 years of research and development, the development of the product has made it possible to develop solid bases for the study of canine behavior. The collar includes 6 movement sensors which can collect, every second, more than 250 pieces of information which are then studied by our artificial intelligence algorithms.
Everything is translated in a simple and detailed way in an intuitive application, a guide to the well-being of your dog.

Our team works tirelessly to continually improve our product and offer you ever more advanced features. 

Our beliefs

Together, we are proud to support owners and their dogs in search of a better relationship. 

Our mission is simple: to offer a quality product that strengthens the bond between you and your companion, while promoting its fitness and safety. At Jagger & Lewis, we firmly believe that every dog is unique and deserves the best life possible, full of getaways and good times.

By joining us, you become part of a community of dog owners who share the same passion and commitment to the well-being of their companions.

Take part in the adventure and discover how the Jagger & Lewis connected collar can transform your dog's life.