Smart dog collar
for welfare,
outdoor activities
and GPS tracking.

Stay connected to your dog

Thanks to our connected dog collar, find every outing and sports activities shared with your dog, follow his physical condition and take care of his health everyday.

At Jagger & Lewis, we believe that your dog's shape is directly linked to a good balance of his needs. To support you on a daily basis, we have created a new generation of connected dog collar, associated with artificial intelligence algorithms and veterinary expertise. Different significants indicators are translate into an application that allow you to follow-up and improve your dog welfare.

Outdoor Activities
Follow your dog's adventures
Walk, canicross, mountain bike, paddle, or even skateboard... Find the follow-up of your dog's activities, the caloric expenditure, the distance traveled, his performances, his progress, keep photos of each shared moment.
Make sure that your dog is in a good shape and health
Take care of him when you leave. Be notified is case of unusual behavior. Allow your pet to be at the top of his form at every outings.
GPS tracker
Follow your pet location in real time
Keep the track of his ride.
Find him easily in case of runaway.
Designate a secure perimeter and be notified when your dog leaves it.